PLayas de la Gomera
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Hardened beach lovers don’t usually think of the beaches of La Gomera when they list their favorite places in the Canary Islands. Big mistake! On this small western island the beaches are like jewels: small, beautiful and within reach of a few.

The beaches of the island are characterized by their dark color, from the volcanic materials that make up the island (although there is some lighter), are usually sand or callaos (the famous canary rounded pebbles) and, above all, are very clean! 😍

Well thought out, it would be best not to give too much publicity to the beaches of an island that is known for other natural exuberances (Garajonay, for example), for cultural elements as special as the silbo gomero and for being an alternative tourist destination.

But you see, at TuBillete we are that generous, so don’t miss this list of the best beaches in La Gomera!

The Calera.

La Calera is the Gomera beach par excellence. More than a kilometer long, fine, dark sand and a very soft swell for the enjoyment and delight of veterans and novices. A great beach!

You’ll find it at the mouth of Valle Gran Rey. There is no loss: it is a little to the north of La Puntilla, in a semi-urban environment and surrounded by services of all kinds at the end of the avenue of the same name.

PLayas de la Gomera

Valle Gran Rey en La Gomera. / Valle Gran Rey in La Gomera.

English beach.

The one that some consider “the best beach in La Gomera” (and it could well be) is very close to the previous one and shares many of its characteristics. But there’s one thing that makes it special: it’s a nudist beach.

And, unlike other nudist beaches, it’s not difficult to get there; from La Calera you just have to follow the Playa del Inglés road and park right there. Easy, isn’t it? And you can also arrive by bus, if you want.

PLayas de la Gomera

Playa del Inglés en La Gomera. / Beach of the English in La Gomera.


The Cave and Avalo.

The Cave couldn’t be missing from the list. It is one of the two beaches of San Sebastian, and despite its proximity to the city center and the abundance of services, is not usually very full. Black sand and gravel, calm waters and spectacular views of the Teide.

Avalo couldn’t be missing either. Also near the capital, you will find it on the way to Puntallana. Small and collected, is gravel, callao and bowling, very quiet and ideal for bathing. Behind it there’s a nice palm grove.

TRAVELER TIP: In this beach there is a camping area. If I were you, I’d look at him to spend the night here and live a unique experience.

San Marcos.

The beaches of La Gomera on the north coast are famous for their windy and hectic weather; they are also beautiful, breathtaking spots, and this is a good example. They are more to admire, with the Slab of Hell in the background, than to get wet.

This one has an easy access from Agulo: just follow from the Mirador de Agulo (in fact it’s like jumping headlong!) to the Hermitage of San Marcos. There’s a great recreation area in the area to spend the day.

PLayas de la Gomera

Vista del Teide desde La Gomera. / View of Mount Teide from La Gomera


Along the same lines is Arguamul: in a totally untouched area of the northwest of the island, this narrow black strip of black bowling faces the Atlantic face to face. The place is overwhelming, and the bathroom is reserved for the most seasoned.

It’s not easy getting here. The nearest town is Arguamul, which is about 7 kilometres and 20 minutes from Epina. Then you’ll have to go on for a while, and you can only get there on foot or in an all-terrain vehicle… Here are the GPS coordinates.

OUR ADVICE: Not all beaches are suitable for bathing, nor for all audiences. Take precautions and use common sense before diving…

PLayas de la Gomera

Playa de Arguamul en La Gomera. / Beach of Arguamul in La Gomera

Santiago Beach.

The south of the island is home to some of the best beaches in La Gomera. The beach of Playa Santiago (worth the redundancy) is quiet and familiar, but also noted for its underwater richness, which makes it a great place for fans.

If you know how to get to Playa Santiago, you know how to get to its beach, because… Well, because it’s the same! It is next to the fishing or marina, surrounded by small apartments, restaurants, terraces… Ah, life is beautiful…! 😊

PLayas de la Gomera

Playa de Santiago. / Santiago Beach.

La Cantera.

On the other side of the cliffs of Alajeró is this little jewel. La Cantera is the opposite of the previous one: isolated, with moderate waves, with an abandoned fishing factory as a backdrop, a few trees and nothing else.

We highlight it among the beaches of La Gomera precisely because it is difficult to access. You can walk from the hamlet of Quise (half an hour, but take a good look) or by boat from La Rajita. You’ll know you’ve arrived because it’s paradise…

PLayas de la Gomera

Playa de La Cantera en La Gomera. / Beach of La Cantera in La Gomera.

When you go to La Gomera, luxury beaches await you just around the corner, and now it’s easy for you to choose and find them

But that’s not all, of course. There’s so much more to discover on the Columbian island! 😃

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PLayas de la Gomera

Playa de San Sebastián en La Gomera. / Beach of San Sebastián in La Gomera.


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