cómo ahorrar en tus viajes
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Are you thinking about how to save on your trip to New York or if that excursion you would like to undertake in Bangkok will be out of your budget? Don’t get discouraged yet! At least until you’ve read these tips on how to save on your trips.

Cheap travel is easier than it sounds. Seriously. Sometimes it’s about knowing how to choose the destination, the accommodation or the season. Other times, the difference lies in the little things, those that seem insignificant, but when added one after the other can make the difference.

Here’s our little list of tricks to save money on your travels.

cómo ahorrar en tus viajes

Tu hucha para las vacaciones. / Your piggy bank for holydays.

1.      Search, compare… 

You’re probably too young to remember this famous slogan… Well, it’s the same. The fact is that it is best to search very well before buying flights and accommodations, which are the lion’s share in almost any trip.

It’s long and tedious, but take the trouble to consult different providers, to search in different search engines… How to save on your trips starts there: spend a good time comparing, comparing and comparing.

OUR TIP: Whenever you can, opt for the flight+hotel combo. These packages are always cheaper than if you buy the products separately.

2.      Shopping online

The cost reduction for companies and businesses involved in any online transaction has a positive effect on the final price found by the customer. In other words, you can save a lot on travelling by shopping online.

In addition, online shopping is now very common and totally safe, just make sure to buy through fully reliable websites and not give your personal or bank details out of the usual channels.

cómo ahorrar en tus viajes

Comprando billetes de vuelo online. / Buying flight tickets online.

3.      Know how to choose the moment

In tourism, the season is everything. How to save on your trips if you are going to Benidorm in August or New York on New Year’s Day? Wrong. The price of any trip will drop considerably if you are going against the current.

But how do you know when to go where? Honestly, common sense aside, it’s not so easy to know. But don’t worry, because we’ve already done a lot of that for you and you can check it out here.

4.      Do your homework

If you’re really interested in how to save on your trips, it’s a good idea to plan your visit before you leave. The idea is to avoid those superfluous expenses that end up becoming heavy.

Find out about the most affordable neighbourhoods of your destination, public transportation cards, bargaining policies, free tours, possibilities of obtaining discounts, currency exchange rates … In the end, it is noticeable.

cómo ahorrar en tus viajes

¿Venecia vacía? Sí, es posible. / Empty Venice? Yes, it’s possible.

5.      Stopoverthe hidden opportunity

As saving on trips is becoming more complicated every day, there is another way: make two trips for the price of one. Economy of scale, friends; since we are here, let’s take advantage of a single trip to visit two different destinations.

The answer is “stopover”, a long stopover on a long trip. Some companies offer hotel nights or paid excursions in these cases. A golden opportunity if you have the possibility of taking advantage of it.


6.      The cheapest food

The cheapest food is the one you eat at home. Don’t take a tupper of lentils to São Paulo, but find out if the running water of your destination is drinkable, get a couple of snacks for the trip, those things…

If you have a food allergy or an intolerance, you will know better than we do that sometimes finding certain specific foods is complicated and, above all, expensive. A small personal pantry can be very helpful.

cómo ahorrar en tus viajes

Si hubiera traído unas galletas… / If I’ve had brought some cokies…

7.      Take your first-aid kit with you

Again, it’s not about carrying a hospital in your backpack, but simply carrying with you those basic medicines you may need at any given time. Aside from cheaper, it’s practical.

Apart from that, it may be interesting to get health insurance before you leave or the European Health Insurance Card, depending on your destination.

8.      Pay without commissions

Again, depending on where you are going it can be very advantageous financially to get rid of currency exchange commissions. Carrying previously exchanged cash is always better than changing at the destination airport.

Paying by card is another good practice (and one that is becoming more and more widespread). Today there are many commission-free cards payable in foreign currency. A good clue on how to save on your trips.

cómo ahorrar en tus viajes

Cambia moneda antes de viajar. / Convert your currency before travelling.

9.      San Fernando’s car

Apart from the thousand resources of public transport, remember that the cheapest means of transport is always with you: your feet. Apart from being economical, it is ecological and healthy. And it allows you to know your destination very well.

Again, we are not telling you to cross Bombay on foot to save four measly rupees. Just don’t be embarrassed walking a couple of miles if you have to. Remember that the road is sometimes more important than the destination.

10. budgetplease

It’s not infallible, because there are always unforeseen events, but it would surprise you (if you haven’t) to what extent it helps to set a daily spending budget. Even if it is an estimate. Limiting yourself is the best way to save.

And don’t be too indulgent with yourself; if not, it’s useless. You’ll figure out how to avoid a lot of unnecessary expenses if you have a tight spending limit. As with everything else, you will adjust with practice.

cómo ahorrar en tus viajes

¿Dónde te llevarán? / Where may they get you?

If you’re luckyone of these tips for saving money when travelling will come in handy. 

And with a bit of luck, you may have discovered the key that will allow you to save and travel the world non-stop; not bad, huh?

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Luckily, travelling does not depend on how bulky your wallet is. 

cómo ahorrar en tus viajes

Poco dinero, muchas experiencias. / Few money, many experiences.

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