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Every trip we make doesn’t start when we close our suitcases, nor in that exciting moment when the plane takes off the wheels from the ground and we are feeling vibrant thinking about our next destination.

Every trip we make begins the moment we start dreaming about it, preparing every detail, imagining every corner and every smile we will see and planning the new unforgettable memories we are going to make.

Como preparar un viaje

Each trip is unique and each one travels in its own way. But we are going to tell you a secret… a secret that will make each trip you make truly unforgettable…

And the secret is… the organization!

Now, now, we know what you’re thinking. What an unpopular secret for something as exciting as travelling. But believe us, a good organization and proper planning is the key to travelling, well, cheap, safe and, above all, a lot!


  • Initial planning. 
  • Buyingflight tickets. 
  • Documentation.
  • Vaccinations.
  • Insurance.
  • Knowingthe destination. 
  • Accommodation.
  • Transportation.
  • Money.
  • Connectivity.
  • Luggage.

1. Initial planning

How much time do I have? What’s my budget? What’s the best time to go to that place I love so much?

These are questions that we must answer before taking the next step to avoid becoming dizzy.

We would all like to travel halfway around the world and travel through every continent, but the stark reality is that most mortals are forced to choose carefully.

Therefore, we would recommend that you take paper and pencil, look for a quiet place where you can write down the following:

  • When can I travel to?
  • How long can I travel?
  • What budget can I dedicate to my next adventure?

Come on, let’s give you a moment.

Do you already have it?


Now that you know when and how much, have a look at our article on The Best Times to Travel to Your Destination. There you will find a calendar where we suggest some ideas for each month of the year: some for a short trip and others for a long trip. So you’ll always have a choice of places to go 😊

Ah, and don’t forget that when calculating your expenses you must always take into account not only the transportation and lodging expenses, but also what you will spend at the destination on meals, tickets, details for the family (that shirt for your nephew from “I was in Covadonga and I remembered you”), you know.

2. Buying flights

Advance is the key, and we’re going to explain why.

Think of yourself as an airline and you are going to move an airplane from point A to point B.

The plane has 100 seats and for the journey to be profitable, you must fill at least 30.

It is urgent to guarantee that this profitability, so those first 30 seats will come out at the best possible price. Then, once those seats are already booked and the airline breathes quietly, it will stop offering such cheap flights.

Como preparar un viajeObviously the figures are just an example, but we hope that it has helped you understand the reason why in the same flight there are people who have paid 50 € and others who have paid 150 €.

Go back in time and be one of those first fortunate ones🤩 .

3. Documentation

There’s a song by Marvin Gaye that said something like she would cross every high mountain, every deep valley and every wide river to get where she wanted to go.

Can I tell you something? That guy looked at the expiration date of his ID card before he left home.

I know how that guy.

It’s just that something similar has happened to all of us. We focus on the most obvious things like flights, accommodation and tickets to events and we forget something as simple as making sure we have all the documentation and this is in order.

Make sure you have all the documentation you need to access the country you are going to visit. And when you’ve done it…Insure yourself again!

Really, it would be a real tragedy if you take months and months preparing your wonderful trip to the Caribbean and it goes to waste because, for example, your plane makes a stopover in the United States and you have not taken the ESTA.

Also, don’t forget other documents such as the International Driving Permit if you plan to drive at your destination or other certificates for activities that require it, such as diving, etc.

Como preparar un viaje

Luckily, of course, if you have a reservation with us, you have a team of real experts who will help you with EVERYTHING. If you have any doubt, let us know and we will solve it for you! 


Oh, how hard the adventurer’s life is! And so I ran in the opposite direction when I was a kid and found out that I was going to get a vaccine… and here I am now, recommending that you do it.  

You have to take it seriously. When we travel to areas of the planet where we run the risk of contracting certain serious diseases that are easily preventable with a simple vaccine, we can’t let it go by. 

Locate your International Vaccination Centre (IVC) and find out the recommended vaccines for your destination and  time of year. Remember to do it with enough time, since there are some vaccines that require several doses with long intervals between them and there are others that cannot be administered simultaneously to avoid possible reactions. 

Como preparar un viaje

Don’t forget that there is an International Vaccination Certificate that must be correctly stamped if you want to visit certain countries.

The service of the International Vaccination Centre is free of charge. Remember to make an appointment at least six weeks in advance or even more if you are departing in high season.

You can make an appointment by clicking here.

5. Insurance

In 1970, astronaut Jack Swigert, aboard Apollo 13, uttered the following words:

-Houston, we have a problem.

Then a whole team of engineers and members of the Earth mission got down to work on it. Shortly thereafter, the Aquarius Lunar Module would land on our planet with the entire crew safe and sound.

Como preparar un viaje

And well, okay, it’s true, I admit it. I’ve gone a little too far.

Twisting your ankle out of your taxi in Bangladesh is not the same thing. But we do want you to feel just as backed up.

Traveling with insurance is absolutely essential and believe me, I’m not exaggerating.

Nothing catastrophic needs to happen, a simple fall or a tummy ache can bring complications if you don’t have adequate health care.

So having a good insurance that thinks of you, cares for you, and supports you when you need help is paramount.

And if the risk to your health doesn’t seem like a good enough reason, think now about your pocketbook: In Spain public health care is guaranteed and maybe that’s why we don’t get the idea that in other countries like the one where you going, for example, an appendicitis, you’re going to have to take out a mortgage.

In addition to all this, most insurances add coverage for loss of flight, luggage or other such losses, which can be really useful.

So, you know, if you wear a seatbelt when you’re in a car or a helmet when you’re on a motorcycle, wear insurance when you’re going on a trip.

6. Knowing your destination

Okay, when you get to this point you will have everything you need to get to the destination country economically, correctly, and safely.

Now it’s time for the best part: How do we squeeze the time we have in the most efficient way?

The key is that we strive to know the destination.

Find out what events will be available, where they are, what places you want to visit, which are the best restaurants, free days in museums and why not, the most instagrammable places.

Once we have all this information, in addition to being able to choose the best area where you will look for accommodation, you can also start to make a plan of everything.

Como preparar un viaje

Write down your travelling days and distribute among them first the activities that should be on a specific date.

For example, if you are going to see a show that only takes place on Wednesdays, try to take advantage of that day to carry out all the activities that are close to that place.

This is the theory, and it’s a theory that works very well, but we are advising you, don’t become a robot. The best thing about travelling is to stay flexible to new plans and keep an open mind.

And remember, don’t suffer from that endemic evil that is trying to see everything. Unless you have a lot of time, in most destinations it will cost you a lot and generate frustration.

It is better to choose what attracts your attention and enjoy a more relaxed trip.

7. Accomodation

Regarding accommodation there are many things that are a matter of personal taste and the level of comfort that everyone wants and can afford, but above all that there is a universal truth: Location is the key.

It’s true that there are cities very well connected, but enjoy the pleasure of, whenever you want to be able to go up to the hotel to change those shoes that are killing you, to rest for 5 minutes or to look for the memory card of the camera you took out the previous night and forgot to replace, it has no price.

It may seem like a not so important detail now, but when you’re at your destination you’ll be very grateful.

Como preparar un viaje

And don’t think that being downtown is synonymous with being expensive, there are always options for all pockets, and it’s just a matter of, as with flights, booking well in advance.

Also, remember to find out if the destination you’re travelling to has any tourist taxes. Sometimes they can be a good peak and if you don’t take them into account they can upset your budget.

Finally, don’t forget to make sure you know the voltage that the devices work with and take the appropriate type of adapter so that you can charge all your devices when you arrive at the hotel every night.

8. Transportation

It’s 4:00 in the morning.

After 8 hours flying over the ocean, your flight has just landed.

An unknown country, with a different language and customs awaits you on the other side of the airport arrival gate.

Now what?

If you want to have the peace of mind of a completely safe and customized transportation to the very door of your accommodation, don’t think about it, book it in advance and it will be one less thing to worry about.

And don’t think they are expensive services. If you want a limousine with cocktail service, well, yes, it will be expensive. But if you hire a normal ride, you’ll have the same advantages and it’s worth it.

If this doesn’t convince you, there are always alternatives.

In most airports there is a regular service of coaches or trains that link with the city centre for a fairly cheap price.

If you have enough, the option of the taxi can become a very alternative to consider, but that yes: Always official taxis. Make sure you don’t lost.

9. Money

When paying for services at destination, make sure you have a card that won’t pay you commissions for each payment you make.

Most banks have cards with special conditions for your trips abroad. Take a look at what your bank has to offer and see if it will compensate you.

If you’re not convinced, check out the independent alternatives available in the market. I’m sure there is one that will suit your needs.

In spite of this, you should always carry some cash.

Como preparar un viaje

The best thing is to process it directly with your bank well in advance. Airport exchange offices are more instant, but tend to have higher commissions.

Try to carry a certain amount in small bills, you may need to pay for small things in places that do not have card payment.

The rest, divide it in some hidden part where you know it will be difficult for friends of others to find.

10. Connectivity

One of the good things about being on a trip is to get away from the everyday and change your air for a while. But hey, we don’t want to disappear at all either.

It’s important to find a way to keep in touch with others, and if possible, without an exorbitant phone bill on the way back.

To avoid surprises, check your company’s conditions. There are some that have special conditions for the use of data in many countries.

If it doesn’t match yours and you don’t want to change company, you can consider buying a prepaid card and using it only during the trip.

If not, there are companies that specialize in data cards for trips with very good fares.

However, buy them in advance so that they arrive before your departure.

Como preparar un viaje

11. Luggage

Oh! the luggage, such moments of struggle with the utmost pressing catch style we have all experienced trying to close a full suitcase after having said that:

-Nah, if I’m only going to take four things.

And after those four things, the just in case arrive.

Just in case it rains, just in case it’s sunny, just in case I go to the beach, just in case I go to the mountain.

To avoid this, be realistic with your activities and be well informed about the weather.

We all like to look good in the photos, but try to give priority to comfort and don’t try to take a million different clothes.

Como preparar un viaje

And the most important thing: make sure you are well aware of the company’s baggage policy and the flight you have booked.

You should know:

How many bags can I take?

What sizes can they be?

What is the maximum weight allowed?

Answering those simple questions will save you a lot of headaches when you arrive at the airport.

You wouldn’t be the first passenger forced to lighten his suitcase by wearing several layers of trousers and jackets!

You can start the countdown!

Tick, tick, tick, tick… Now you’re talking!

Throughout this article we have been giving you the keys to become a real traveller Sensei.🥋

Let’s go over it:

1. Initial planning: When can I travel? How long? What budget do I have?

2. Buying flights: In advance is the key!

3. Documentation: Make sure and then make sure again

4. Vaccines: The International Vaccine Center is your friend.

5. Insurance: Make yourself feel backed up at all times.

6. Know the destination: Know the terrain to establish the strategy.

7. Accommodation: Location is key.

8. Transportation: From the airport to the very door of your accommodation!

9. Money: Avoid commissions!

10. Connectivity: Watch out for phone company bills.

11. Luggage: Less is more. Make sure you know what and how much you can carry.

If you follow all the steps, we guarantee that during your next trip you will enjoy moments that you will never forget and that will become part of that catalogue of things that make living something so beautiful.

And remember, behind our logo is a whole team of people who are passionate about travelling and making your trip to the ends of the world, or just around the corner to be meet your expectations❤️

If you travel with us, you’ll never travel alone.