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Those of you who have read other posts on our blog will already know that for us food is one of the safest and most direct ways to get into the culture of the place we are visiting. In Tenerife, the local culture goes through the guachinches.

It is clear that Tenerife is home to countless natural treasures, offers dreamlike landscapes and enjoys an impeccable climate. But I must say that where I have felt most comfortable has been in these simple establishments, eating and drinking as one more.

So it is a pleasure to talk to you today about the guachinches of Tenerife, the places par excellence to enjoy good Canarian food. We tell you what they are, and then we present a few of the many that are around the island.


Conoce los guachinches de Tenerife. /Meet the guachinches of Tenerife.

What are guachinches?

The first thing you’ll be wondering (if you don’t live on the islands or are a Canarian) is what a guachinche is. Nowadays, what you will find is the minimum expression of a hotel establishment, where everything is very homemade and informal. You will also find them in other islands of the archipelago, but in Tenerife is the quintessence.

At first, it was a corner of the house of the peasant who produced wine, where he tasted the harvest along with some simple delicacies to the intermediary or potential buyer. Many still have that improvised air.

The origin of the name is controversial. It would be a derivation of the term “bochinche”, a simple tavern or tasca. It makes sense.

Another theory associates it with the English expression I’m watching you of the Anglo-Saxon customers, said when they were ready to try. Unlikely, but it would not be the only unsuspected anglicism of the Fortunate Islands…


Cultivo de la vid en el norte de Tenerife. / Vine cultivation in the north of Tenerife

In short, a guachinche is a very simple food house where you can try typical homemade dishes of the island: rabbit in salmorejo, chickpeas with cod, ribs with potatoes, millo pineapple, stuffed bubangos… Important is that they have a wine of the house.

You can find the “official” list of guachinches in Tenerife in the official tourism website of Tenerife, but we are going to present a small selection with some of our favorites.

REMEMBER THAT: The authentic guachinches are those who display at the entrance a badge with a white V on a red background and the text “Vino de cosecha propia” (Own Harvest Wine).


Los guachinches del norte de Tenerife te esperan. /The guachinches of the north of Tenerife await you


Guachinches in the north of Tenerife.

In the wine-growing area that stretches between Tegueste and Santa Úrsula is undoubtedly the cradle of the guachinches, and where we find some of the most authentic, carried by real wine producers.

  • The Portezuelo. One of the best places to eat in Tegueste, although it is closer to a restaurant than to a guachinche; it combines quality food and a very rich white wine. Cno. El Portezuelo 30.
  • The Patio. As the name suggests, behind the simple façade there is a cosy courtyard. They know how to handle the ember very well. It’s worth. He’s in Tacoronte: Carr. General of the North 191.
  • Zenón Winery. In the Sauzal there is much to choose from. We mention this site for its good cooking, its great attention and its more than respectable wine. Carr. General del Norte 97.
  • The Parralito. A classic in La Matanza de Acentejo, distinguished among other things by its octopus (the letter is short, as it should be). Well, and for the wine, of course. The place couldn’t be more… more guachinche. San Cristóbal 66.
  • Pepe House. One of those places where they know how to make wine, they know that simple food is the best if it is well done, and they know what it is like to feed many people. A safety pin in Acentejo’s Victory. Pedro Hernandez 80.
  • In Santa Úrsula there are so many guachinches… We enclose a list with which we fully agree.

  • The Gomez. Here I eat very well… And the wine is excellent. The views are great. One of the best of La Orotava without a doubt. Cno. de Los Gómez s/n.
  • Green House. It is worth mentioning it among the guachinches of La Laguna for its authentic homemade food and a real family atmosphere. A very remarkable red wine and a small and almost always full place. Cañada 21.

Comida típica canaria en un guachinche. /Typical Canarian food in a guachinche.

Guachinches in Tenerife south.

The guachinches of the south of Tenerife are much scarcer (but not worse, attention), so the list is much shorter.

  • The Tea Cross. It is called “Cumbres de Abona”, but everyone knows it by the name of the district in which it is located, near Granadilla de Abona. The escaldón, of the best thing. La Cuestita s/n.
  • Abreu. Seasonal dishes and a white wine harvester are more than remarkable in this Guachinche de Guía de Isora. Simple, tasty and cheap. It’s perfect. Villanueva 97.
  • Leti’s guachinche. Also close to Guía (in Vera de Erques), it stands out among all the guachinches for the attention they give to the wine. Open from November to March (a good sign). Located in the heart of the vineyard, on the TF-465 road, km 41.
  • The Corners. In Araya; it is perhaps the guachinche of Tenerife with more complicated access. Details apart, the place is of those picturesque, the wine a good red of own harvest and the food, succulent. Subida de Los Brezos s/n.

OUR ADVICE: To go to a guachinche you need little money, but it better be in cash. In many guachinches no other form of payment is accepted.


Escaldón de Gofio. Plato típico en Canarias. / Gofio Escaldón. Typical dish in the Canary Islands.

Paladea the most authentic Tenerife in any of these guachinches… Or the first one you meet on your way!

In this way, you will be able to get to know the culture of Tenerife, its people and one of its most emblematic products: wine.

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Disfruta de la sabrosa gastronomía canaria en Tenerife. / Enjoy the tasty Canarian cuisine in Tenerife.


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