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Human beings do not live only for art, architecture and romanticism (if you are interested in this, you can read our 4 plans to discover romantic Paris). If you are a gastronomic tourist (a foodie, as the modern people say it), if you want to taste the local food or if you simply have an appetite, today we tell youos what to eat in Paris.

As you can imagine, you can eat whatever you want, of course. In a city like Paris there is almost everything and you can find it almost anywhere and at any time.

In any case and although hamburgers are always a welcome solution for the traveller, perhaps you would like something more typical, or exclusive or you are looking for the best value for money.

Like everything else, that’s harder to find, here are a few ideas to complete a round menu on your next visit to Paris. Bon appetit!

Que comer en París

What to eat in Paris.

So, from the top of my head, I can tell you that eating something traditional in Paris necessarily involves eating a kebab. The millions of tourists who choose this sandwich of unlimited meat and lots of sauce as the mainstay of their diet during their stay in the City of Light will confirm this.

But let’s work on it a little more. First of all, we would like to point out some dishes that are really typical of the Paris region:

  • Miroton de boeuf. It’s a very simple and tasty beef stew, cooked over a low heat with onion and carrot. The Boeuf à la mode looks a lot like it, including white wine and Provencal herbs in the sauce.
  • Matelote d’anguille. A seafood eel, a very traditional and simple recipe from the banks of the Seine since ancient times. The eel is served with wine, cognac, onion, garlic and herbs, and then mushrooms and shallots are added.
  • Entrecôte Bercy. A beef entrecot (originally from horse or colt) grilled with a sauce of white wine, shallots, lemon and watercress.
  • Escalope parisienne. Yes, a simple veal escalope, but in the Parisian way: battered in flour and egg (without breadcrumbs) and fried in butter.
  • Tarte Bourdaloue. Invented in the street of the same name in the middle of the 19th century, it is a pear tart on broken dough with almond and hazelnut paste. Serve hot.

Now that you have an idea of what to eat in Paris if you are looking for the most traditional dishes of its gastronomy, let’s go with other more realistic possibilities…

Que comer en París

Dishes very Parisian and quite economic.

In Paris, almost as important as eating is to ensure it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg in trying to do so. Eating in Paris at a cheap price is somewhat like the Holy Grail, but it can be done.

A good selection of hors d’oeuvre (starter or aperitif) is one of those things to eat in Paris while respecting tradition and without having to ask for a loan. Don’t get excited, they are what we would call appetizers.

For it to be Parisian, it must include Brie or Coulommiers cheese, the famous local sausage (you better like garlic) and, of course, Paris ham (cooked ham, wow). The secret, accompany them with a good white wine.

The croque-monsieur. What would we do without it. A ham sandwich covered with bechamel and melted cheese. You’ll find it everywhere (and its variants). It is the somewhat more elaborate cousin of the also very Parisian jambon-beurre, a simple ham and butter sandwich made with baguette bread (if you put pickles in it you’ll look more French than Molière).

It’s not like the crêpes and galettes are typically Parisian, but they are very French, and they are a very helpful and delicious solution when hunger squeezes during your long routes through the city. These flexible, thin and large (about 40 cm in diametre) cakes, white or black, can be filled with almost anything.

In the worst case scenario, you’ll always have the French fries sandwich. No, it’s not a joke, it’s a baguette with chips and a sauce of your choice. It’s better than it looks, by the way, it’s cheap and it’s the staple food at village fairs, music festivals, sporting events and of course, tourist around Paris.

Que comer en París

The sweetest side of life.

You wouldn’t be the first to spend a weekend in Paris surviving exclusively on pastries. Sweets are one of the best things to eat in Paris without a doubt. They are relatively affordable, there is variety and quality. This is our selection of the essential:

  • Croissant. Of course. When I’m asked about what to eat in Paris, it’s my first answer. They’re cheap (spend a few more cents and buy the handmade ones) and they’re great, well loaded with butter…
  • Niflette. It comes from Seine-et-Marne (the “outskirts” of Paris, let’s say), and is a typical All Saints sweet. They are small puff pastry tartlets with pastry cream (they look like cakes from Belém lisboetas that have come sooner).
  • Opéra. This cake is Parisian to the core: created in 1955, the confectioner’s wife was reminded of the Opera stage… Thin layers of coffee cream, chocolate cream and biscuit, covered with chocolate.
  • Puits d’amour. Cake designed for the court in the eighteenth century is like a vol-au-vent filled with red fruit jam or vanilla pastry cream. It is covered with caramel or icing sugar.

Que comer en París

Now that you know what to eat in Paris, you simply don’t need anymore to enjoy your stay. And, if you still need to finalize any detail regarding accommodation, transportation or activities, contact us or call us directly on 922 15 12 51 or send us an email to ofertas@tubillete.com.