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This year it’s family travel!

For once, you have coincided in the same free days: the children, the grandmother, the brother-in-law… Even the dog joins the holidays! 🐶

It’s time to think about where to take this diverse group. Where can we go so that the youngest members of the family have fun and the grown-ups can rest or enjoy activities they are passionate about.

Do you think it’s hard to get everyone to agree?

Don’t worry, we’re going to help you to get it. In today’s post, we indicate several destinations to travel with your family that you will surely love.

We have selected 3 places, 2 national and 1 European for you to have different options of nature, beach, city…

Choose the one you like the most and prepare an unforgettable trip that will thank you all your life! 😉

Destinations to travel in Family.

Canary Islands.

We put it at the top of the list because we believe that a trip to the Canary Islands is a safe bet if we think of a family holiday.

Good weather practically all year round, fantastic hotels, a multitude of activities for all ages, wonderful gastronomy, beach, mountain… You couldn’t ask for more! 👌

The islands are perfect for both a short getaway and a longer stay.

You have two alternatives for your next trip: Concentrate on one of them… So you will always have an excuse to return to the Archipelago! Every single island is different and you will want to visit them all! 😍

Or, on the contrary, for a more complete experience, you can visit various of those.

This is very easy thanks to the numerous sea and air connections that link the islands.

Our advice is that you rent a vehicle so that you can rest on the beaches and hotels, comfortably visiting the beautiful villages, landscapes and theme parks that are offered.

If you decide on Tenerife in our posts:

You will find two detailed lists with the best experiences that the island offers to participate in family, and one with the hotels that we recommend you for this type of trip.


We went from islands bathed by the Atlantic Ocean to a wonderful city overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

We’re fascinated by Valencia! 😊

It is a city full of life that offers many attractions to visitors.

Every year, travellers from all over the world visit this place, making it one of the most important tourist destinations in Spain.

And what can we find in this beautiful city?

  • A historic centre that seems to be taken from a tale that makes young and old fall in love.
  • The Oceanografic: the largest aquarium in Europe.
  • La Albufera and its extraordinary landscape (including a boat ride).
  • Infinite beaches with a turquoise sea.
  • Some really incredible buildings in the City of Arts and Sciences.

These are just some charms of Valencia. If you want to know them all we recommend you read our post:

In it, you will find several travel tips that will be of great help when preparing your trip.

We assure you that the experiences we recommend in this article will appeal to all family members.

And don’t forget the tasty paella! Another plus to opt for this city! 🥘


Would you like to roll the “suitcase” to your head and get to know Europe? ✈

We have the perfect destination for it: London!

There are so many things to do in London… so many fabulous places to visit…

I’m sure you’ll all be very excited to hear about the Bing Ben watch that you’ve heard so much about or take a fun photo of in one of the characteristic red phone booths that are scattered throughout the city.

And what do you say you walk the main streets aboard an eye-catching red double-decker bus!

The British capital abounds with museums of all kinds, parks, markets… and as an extra, we can hire entertaining excursions to the outskirts, such as a visit to the magnificent Windsor Castle and the medieval village at its feet.

So that you don’t lose the detail of all the activities you can do in your free days in this iconic metropolis, go straight to read our posts:

You have everything you need to travel with your family and organize the holidays of your life! 🤗

Contact us and we will make all the preparations. Since there are several people travelling, it will be easier for you to book hotels, transfers and excursions all at once for all family members.

And best of all, we will offer the best discounts for the destination of your choice!

For more personalized attention, contact us by telephone calling 922 15 12 51 or sending an email to ofertas@tubillete.com and we will answer all your questions.

Remember that at the end of this article, you have the possibility to send us a message with your requests or doubts, and we will respond quickly.

Make your dream family vacation come true! 👏 👏

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