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What do old (but comfortable) tennis shoes have in common, a bus pass, a glitter pot (which was leftover from last year) and a dog costume (which you always keep in case you have to get out of the way)?

There is only one date on the calendar where all these things together on your bed make sense.

Are you ready for the biggest event of the year? 🙆

Run and design your craziest outfit for the funniest party of all:


Carnaval de Gran Canaria

So that you do not lose any detail of this awaited celebration, in today’s post, we offer you a GUIDE TO ENJOY CARNIVAL.

We will show you a series of carnival tips to make the most of the hours of revelry, as well as the most popular and important destinations to spend unforgettable days full of music, dance and laughter.

Get in our float, we’re starting our party ride! 😜


Carnival is a celebration that takes place immediately before Christian Lent. With a date variable between February and March, in its pagan origins, it consisted only in the execution of a parade where the participants disguised themselves and wore masks.

Over the years, it has been transformed into what it is today: A great event with important participation that counts with very varied events for all ages, but with only one objective: to have the best time possible!


  • Prepare your most comfortable footwear.

That one that you have reserved to go for a walk, to a steak…in short, those tennises that as your mother sees them, surely throws them to the garbage, but that you love them because they are the most comfortable to endure hours and hours dancing. 😅

  • Watch out for the expiration of the glitter!

We keep it from one year to another, and for another… without realizing that it may have expired and provoke some kind of allergy in our skin. Better spend the whole pot, the occasion deserves it and it shines like never before! 😆

Carnaval de Tenerife

  • Where will last year’s costume be kept?…. We often ask ourselves when February arrives.

In order not to be caught by the bull, prepare your disguise in advance in case it happens to you as it does to everyone else, that when you get home in the early hours of the morning you observe a discord in your clothes and think… I’ll sew it for next year! And finally… this afternoon of sewing I never arrive.  😆

  • Don’t forget to take your picture in your best costume for Instagram before you leave home!

You never know if when you return home you’ll lose your wig or a false eyelash walking among so many people. So you know, first things first… The picture! 😀📸

Carnaval de Gran Canaria

  • Get an interior cloth wallet to place your documents, money, keys and mobile phone under your clothes in a hidden way.

Your belongings will be safer and more difficult to lose as you dance to the rhythm of batucada.👯

  • Like Stevie Wonder said one time:  If you drink, don’t drive! So get yourself a public transportation voucher.

To serve all users, holidays often increase their service frequency. It’s the fastest, most comfortable and safest way to get close to the carnival. And don’t worry about parking!

  • We strongly recommend living the Day Carnival.

In many towns, they celebrate a day party on the weekend with concerts and activities where the atmosphere is more relaxed and ideal for families. A time to share with the elders and children of the house and enjoy all together.

  • If you are surprised by the dawn still dancing, the best for breakfast are some tasty churros with chocolate that will fill you with energy to undertake the way home. And do not forget to rest a lot during the day to be able to resume the party next night!


Now that you’ve put on your costume and you’re ready to have the most fun in the carnivals of your life, we propose you a list with the most emblematic destinations where you can live an authentic… Carnival experience!


Spain has several carnivals worth mentioning. In this post, we are going to talk about the cities of:

  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife. (Carnival declared Fiesta of International Tourist Interest)
  • Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. (Carnival declared Fiesta of National Tourist Interest)
  • Cádiz. (Carnival declared Fiesta of International Tourist Interest)
  • Murcia. (Carnival declared Fiesta of International Tourist Interest)


If you want to enjoy this party in all its splendor, we recommend you move to the islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria.

Considered one of the most important and acclaimed carnivals in the world, every year thousands of people come to the streets of these two capital cities to attend, for almost 2 weeks, an unparalleled event that offers varied and eye-catching activities to the visitor.

Internationally broadcast, its most important events such as the Gala Election of the Queen of Carnival, the Drag Queen Gala and its apothectic corsos, cross borders thanks to its originality, color and careful artistic direction.

The weekends are held at night great concerts with orchestras and renowned artists in addition to the increasingly famous Carnival by day, which has every year with greater popularity and acceptance among locals and tourists.

Different contests of murgas, disguises, comparsas and groups together with the Cabalgata Anunciadora and the Entierro de la Sardina join the rest of galas and parades to conform the programming of the acts that happen during a few days where finally the carnival goes out to the street for the enjoyment of all.

Have you thought about what your costume will be next year? 😄

To inspire you to prepare your clothes, indicate that the theme of the carnival for this 2019 in Tenerife was related to “the deep sea“: Poseidon, Nemo, sirens and all kinds of aquatic fauna took the main arteries of the city of Santa Cruz.

Gran Canaria opted for the slogan “A night in Rio“, so the salseros, rumberos and samba dancers … flooded the streets of Las Palmas with the intention of not stopping dancing while the party lasted.

Travel Tip: This year 2019 the singer Carlinhos Brown performed in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Manny Manuel and the Billo´s Caracas Boys in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It was a great exhibition of lights and sound!

Carnaval Canarias

On each island of the Archipelago, the carnival is celebrated with its nuances. Special mention should be made of those known as Los Carneros del Hierro (The Iron Ram).

The town of Tigaday (municipality of Frontera), has a unique and comical representation where the youngest are dressed in skins of dry rams to run through the streets scaring the attendees and smearing them with black bitumen.

These somewhat special animals have their faces covered with masks so that they do not recognize them and thus sow panic among those present. Although more than panic, what we will find at this party is laughter and expectation.

The ringing of the bells will warn you that they are very close to you, so if you hear it… You better run if you don’t want to get painted black from top to bottom! 😂


We find ourselves before the carnival of ingenuity. No one in Cádiz beats them in grace and daring and this is reflected in their parties.

The music resounds in all corners of the city and people dress up with their “types“, which is how disguises are known in this area.

But the most characteristic features of this celebration are its “Chirigotas“: groups that sing satirical and humorous poems on current issues such as politics or the press of the heart.

The sharpness of its lyrics, together with elaborate costumes, delight an audience that has a great time at the Carnival Groupings Contest held annually at the Gran Teatro de Falla.

Carnaval de Cádiz



Águilas in a municipality in the region of Murcia famous for hosting one of the oldest carnivals in Spain.

Among its main attractions are its majestic parades where the costumes are full of color and are very imaginative.

4 characters take part and have great relevance in this historic celebration: La Musa, Doña Cuaresma, Don Carnal, and La Mussona. Everyone participates differently in the parades, battles and representations that take place during two intense weeks of celebrations.

Let’s not forget that one of the moments most awaited by all attendees is the Carnival at night: At dusk, crowds of people take to the streets to dance until the early hours of the morning.

You’ll have a party for a while! 💃


If you have a travelling soul and you want to know some different carnivals at the same time as doing tourism in a new destination, we propose you a series of enclaves that are famous for hosting some of the most spectacular carnivals in the world.


Venice is pure magic, and its carnivals could not be less. The local population is adorned with beautiful costumes characteristic of the seventeenth century and elaborate masks that hide their faces, thus bringing a halo of mystery to this celebration.

Unique in the world for its careful aesthetics, thousands of tourists come every year to this city of canals and gondolas to try to meet in its narrow alleys with some disguised character and thus take the best picture of these careful styles that seem fresh out of a picture.

Don’t miss a carnival full of mystery and intrigue in one of the most beautiful and enigmatic places in the world.

Carnaval de Venecia


How would you like to know the Carnival of Carnivals? With more than two million attendees in Rio de Janeiro, it holds the Guinness record for being the most crowded of all.

In Brazil, carnivals are a matter of national interest. The samba schools and the dance, music and singing ensembles that parade before the audience in the well-known Sambódromos of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are of great importance.

This rhythm floods the streets in a summery climate inviting you not to stop dancing in the mother of all the carnival parties.

Carnaval de Brazil


New Orleans is the birthplace of the most popular carnival in the United States. In its famous Mardi Grass (Tuesday of Carnival), a crowded parade full of floats with music and people in disguise surprises visitors in this famous multicultural city near the Mississippi River.

Horseback riding takes place every day and the party is continuous, both day and night.

Discover the carnival in beautiful and picturesque streets that you will have seen more than once on photos and television!

Carnaval de Nueva Orleans

Germany, France, Belgium, Bolivia, Mexico, Uruguay … are some of the countries where you can also find some fantastic carnivals.

Now that you’ve read our Carnival Guide, CONTACT US FASTLY, and we’ll book your flights and hotel at the destination of your choice at the best price.

Our team of travel experts will help you organize the best vacations to save time and money.

Send us a picture of your costume and tell us where you are going to live this year’s Carnival.

What are you waiting for? You can’t miss the funniest party ever! To cheer up the atmosphere, sing with us the song sung by the great artist Celia Cruz:

Oh- Oh- Oh- Oh-Ay… Don’t cry… That life is a Carnival, and the sorrows are being sung! 😉🎵🎶🎤



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