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Would you like to try the gastronomy of different countries in a single trip? Are you a lover of the varied markets?

Well you’re in the right place as we offer you the ideal destination that combines the following two experiences into one: good food and the experience of shopping in a world-famous enclave thanks to the wide variety of products it offers and its strategic location.

Welcome to Camden Town! 👏👏

The city of London is just 20 minutes from downtown, a neighborhood called Camden Town,, known for being the location of a bustling and extravagant market that has become one of the hallmarks of the capital.

There are many attractions to visit in this interesting metropolis: The Big Ben, The Tower of London, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace … but it is essential to leave some time to discover the area of Camden.

In its streets, new trends in fashion and music merge with the best modern art, exquisite antiques and wonderful dishes from various regions of the planet.

It is an authentic market which must be enjoyed with all the senses! 🤗

Camden Town

On this occasion, we are going to focus today’s post on one of these senses in particular: taste.

It is a pleasure to be able to taste, while you carry out on a pleasant stroll, all types of menus are available with each one only being more tasty! And best of all: this all comes at an excellent price!

We will recommend a variety of street stalls and restaurants where you can have a first class dining experience that will make your trip a delight.

We will also direct you to help you find the most interesting  places in this well -known district so that you can complete your journey through it with ease.


If there’s one place you shouldn’t miss on your trip to London it’s Camden Town!

Camden Town


Eating on the street is fashionable. Street stalls strive to offer innovative, good quality products at affordable prices.

Ingredients are fresh and recipes are made daily. Each cook gives a special touch to a rich menu, but the best of all is… We can find a very wide multicultural offer for all Pockets – big and small!

Among the great variety of typical dishes that we will have before us we find:

  • Japanese
  • Pakistani
  • Australian burgers (with all kinds of meat).
  • Polish sausages.
  • Greek
  • Argentine meat and
  • Traditional Peruvian, Chinese, Indian, Lebanese …

The culinary offer is joined by street stalls, numerous themed cafes and restaurants that offer us, for example, the well -known 5 p.m. tea, a refreshing juice, or options of more complete lunches or dinners consisting of a main course, drink and dessert.

Camden Town


London has countless markets for all tastes, but if we had to choose one, we would keep the Camden Lock Market.

It consists of a set of several markets and street stalls where you can find all kinds of merchandise: new and used clothing, jewelry, candles, ceramics, vintage objects.

Everything we can think of and much more! 🎽🎿📼

It has been active since the 1970s and receives around 5 million visitors a year.

It is located around the channel named Regent´s. This environment makes walking through its stalls and streets even more entertaining.

To arrive from the center of London, you can take the subway or the bus in different points of the city. One of the most central stops to access these transports is the station named Piccadilly Circus.

Entrance to the market is free and the opening hours are from 10:00 to 18:00 every day. It is only closed on 25 December.

There is one thing you can’t stop doing when you arrive at this touristy place:

Take a picture of yourself in front of the famous sign at the entrance to the venue! 📷

It’s a tradition to take a snapshot under the name Camden Lock before you have a great day.

Camden Town

Tips for visiting Camden Lock Market.

  • Visit from Monday to Friday.

So you can see it in a calmer way. It will be less crowded as, on weekends, around 100,000 people travel to the market.

  • Don’t forget to bring some.

Many merchants do not accept card payments.

  • Carry the cash and your documents in a cloth wallet hidden under your.

It’s the best way to carry your valuables without fear of losing them.

  • Wear the most comfortable footwear possible.

With them you will be able to spend the day better. You will probably be walking and standing for a long time.

  • Carry a backpack so you can place all your purchases.

Having your hands free of bags will help us to get closer to the stalls and be able to pick up objects that interest us without any problem.

Camden Town


In Camden Town there are plenty of restaurants, cafes, street food stalls and pubs in a bustling and modern atmosphere.

Eating in the street has become more important among the travelers over the years, becoming one more attraction of the markets.

The list of good establishments is very long. We are going to recommend some of them based on the quality of their products and services. You will find different types of

cuisine so that you can choose and try the one you like the most.

We will indicate you, besides the nationality of their plates, if they are located in local or street stalls so that it is easier for you to find them.

Prepared, ready. Let’s eat! 🍴

Camden Town

Made in Brasil.  (Brasil). Local.

In this place the culture, food, drink and music of Brazil are perfectly unified. You can make a stop along the way to recharge your batteries in an animated and colorful space.

-Kiel Basa. (Polonia). Puesto callejero.

The sausage is one of the star elements of Polish gastronomy. In this street stall they are offered in hot dogs, sandwiches, accompanied by potatoes, with different sauces… Good, rich and cheap food.

Wagamama. (Asia). Local.

It has a reputation for havi ng the best Asian food in the area. Rich and healthy dishes ideal for an intense day of shopping.

The Diner. (América del Norte). Local

Their pleasant roof terrace is one of their attractions along with their location and the tasty classic American food they offer.

Woody Grill. (Turquía). Local

If you like Turkish gastronomy, in this popular restaurant you can try some delicious kebabs at a good price.

Hola Guacamole.  (Mejicana). Street stall.


We love Mexican food! 🌯🌮 That’s why we can’t stop recommending this place, perfect for tasting burritos, quesadillas, tacos … with ingredients of your choice (have a vegetarian option and meat)

Andy´s Greek Taverne. (Grecia). Local.

This famous Greek restaurant with good prices and great reviews located in the center of Camden. A word of advice: Book a table in advance if you want to eat at the restaurant as it usually hangs the full sign daily.


Game On. Street stall.

Perhaps the food stall with the most exotic products on the market. Its star dish is the hamburger, and we can order all kinds of meat: crocodile, zebra, camel, kangaroo, ostrich, wild boar … An experience for the palate!


Roberto´s Homame Cakes. Street stall.

You won’t be able to resist the sweets of this company. The master pastry chefs who run the company present different cakes every day, maintaining the expectation of the buyers… If we don’t come back, we won’t know with what exquisite dessert the y will surprise us tomorrow! 🍰


Koko. Local.

We are in front of the rock music bar par excellence. You can enjoy a drink in a large room where the rhythm is always assured.

The Good Mixer. Local.

This pub is known for being a reference whe re you can listen to the best British pop music. Numerous international song stars frequent it so, hopefully… You can match some of your idols!


-Candem Octopus. Street stall.

His recipes are made with seafood (mainly from Galicia). The Galician -style octopus is one of his most acclaimed dishes.

Jamón JamónLocal.

The tapas crosses the Spanish borders being appreciated all over the world. This place has a typical Spanish menu where you cannot miss the most international tapas and

products of the Iberian Peninsula.

If you want to meet compatriots in London, come to this bar, it is usually full of Spaniards chatting while enjoying good food.

-Circus Bros. Street stall.

The chefs of this stall have revolutionized the concept of street food by offering a novel and exquisite offer typical of a designer restaurant.



This bustling neighborhood has a lot to offer visitors in addition to its eye -catching markets.

Here are 4 must-see places to visit if you want to make your visit to Camden more complete.

British Library:

It is the National Library par excellence. Among its most precious treasures are The

Diamond Sutra (the oldest known printed book, published on 1 May 868), the original text of the Magna Carta, and the original manuscripts of the Beatles’ songs.

Camden Town

-Highgate Cemetery:

This historic cemetery is part of the English cultural heritage. Its main characteristic is that it is located in an area of forest of great natural beauty of approximately 15 hectares in length.

The remains of famous people such as the philosopher Karl Marx, the musician George Michael and the physicist Michael Faraday rest in this peaceful place.

London Zoo. 

The world’s oldest scientific zoo is very close to Camden Town.

It is an amazing place to visit with children.

The fans of Harry Potter will have in this place its stellar moment since in the enclosure fragments of the movie Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone were recorded.

Camden Town

The Cyberdog store.

An attraction in its own right, this original cyberpunk store in Camden sells objects of all kinds for all ages. Neon lights and flashes accompany dancers and DJs who enliven our shopping with their movements and music. Quite a spectacle!


We end our post encouraging you to k now this fascinating market where you can buy, eat, dance … And take some very original photos! 😎

Contact us and we will prepare in detail your trip to London.

We will inform you about the wide range of flights, hotels and excursions we have and help you select what best suits your needs at the best price.

Whether it’s a few days’ getaway or a longer trip, this vibrant capital will not disappoint you. We assure you that you will have an unforgettable holiday.

Don’t think twice and fly to one of the most iconic cities in the world! 🛫

Camden Town