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Normally travellers visit Mallorca seduced beforehand by its incredible beaches, its architectural heritage, its gastronomic richness… About all this and much more that we have spoken about in the previous posts in our blog, from 6 places you might not know to what to do in Mallorca if it rains.

But, in addition, the largest of the Balearic Islands has a very entertaining cultural lifestyle and festivities for all preferences. Mallorca’s calendar is very busy. So, it is not easy to choose.

If you’re wondering what to do in Mallorca today, what’s happening this summer or this year 2019 or if you want to know what events you can enjoy on the island every year, this article will interest you. Keep reading! 😉

Agenda Mallorca

No te pierdas las playas de Mallorca. / Do not miss the beaches of Mallorca.

Summer events.

Every summer there are a lot of important events on the island. In fact, that’s when most of the activities take place, whether they are concerts, fairs, patron saint festivals and a long etcetera.

The best way to keep up to date with Mallorca’s daily calendar is to consult an online cultural calendar like this one. If you’re lazy, don’t worry, here’s a summary of the best summer 2019 events in Mallorca:

  • A classic of the Mallorcan summer is the Torrent de Pareis concert, which has just celebrated its 56th edition this year. Classical music in a truly unique setting where the beach and cliffs come together.
  • The CCA Andratx Summer Nights have the advantage of combining wonderful night concerts in the largest contemporary art centre on the island, located in the spectacular village of Andratx. A round programme.
  • If you want to see some authentic village festivals in Mallorca, we would recommend the ones in Santo Domingo in Es Llombards (near Santanyí), in the first week of August.
  • At the end of August in Puerto Portals, next to Calvià, there is a nautical event of the highest order: the TP52 SuperSeries. The atmosphere is great and there is much more than just boats going round and round…

NOT TO BE MISSED: The summer is the perfect time to stroll between stalls in the markets of Mallorca. This is the most detailed list we have found (take a good look at the seasonal markets).

Agenda Mallorca

Puerto Potals en Mallorca. / Puerto Portals in Mallorca.


More on the 2019 calendar.

There is still a lot to happen throughout 2019 in terms of events, celebrations and activities throughout Mallorca. These are some of the highlights:

  • 1 piano and 200 candles is the name of the latest tour project by pianist David Gómez, who opts for an intimate but spectacular staging. He will visit the island on several occasions, but the last chance to enjoy this concert will be on 5th September in Pollensa.
  • If you like the world of breed horses, you can’t miss the PRE “Sol de Tramuntana” Championship, organised by AMCCPRE and held in Camp de Mar in September.
  • Can Picafort focuses on urban art at the Saladina Art Fest, during a week in which street painting is the main attraction, but not the only guest (there are crafts, music and more). It takes place at the beginning of October.
  • One more interesting event on Mallorca’s calendar is the TastArt held in October in the small town of Porreres, which combines the exhibition of artistic works with a tasting of the wines of local winemakers.
Agenda Mallorca

Caballos de raza en Mallorca. / Horses of race in Mallorca.

Annual celebrations.

To experience the joy of the villagers in parties is one of the great attractions in any trip. As could not be any other way, the towns of Mallorca have very attractive patron saint festivals. Like the following:

  • Sant Antoni (16th and 17th January) is celebrated in several towns, but Pollensa is the most outstanding. Bonfires, music by xeremies and an enormous maypole as outstanding elements.
  • Sant Sebastià is Palma’s patron saint’s day par excellence. January 20th is the big day, but there are plenty of activities during the second fortnight of the month.
  • At various times of the year, the dances of the so-called cossiers are celebrated all over the island, very striking and ethnographically intriguing. We would like to emphasize the one at the end of May in Manacor, which has been declared to be of Cultural Interest and in which this year a woman has danced for the first time.
Agenda Mallorca

Hoguera en el Festival de San Antoni en Mallorca. / Bonfire at the San Antoni Festival in Mallorca.

But there are also a few fairs and markets that are very worthwhile:

  • Costitx Flower Fair. Every 1st of May, this small town located in the heart of the island is decorated with the most varied floral designs by the hand of its neighbours. And yes, there is a floral fair, too.
  • Mallorca’s calendar would not be the same without the medieval Capdepera fair, which began in May 2000 and includes crafts, workshops, music and leisure activities. The backdrop of the village could not have been more suitable.
  • Porto Cristo organises a second hand exchange market on the third Saturday of each month that encourages us to give a new lease of life to what has become obsolete for others. Great initiative.

OUR ADVICE: If you’re around here close to Christmas, the Alaró Christmas market has something special. Oriented to local craftsmanship, it is one of those with an endearing atmosphere that is worthwhile.

Agenda Mallorca

Castillo de Capdepera en Mallorca. / Castle of Capdepera in Mallorca.

Now you are aware of Mallorca’s calendar of events. If you have any questions about your trip you can contact us without any obligation or leave a comment for us below. We can also help you organise a round trip if you call us on 922 15 12 51 or send us an email at