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You will certainly want to enjoy a romantic plan in Tenerife when you visit the island. 

Holidays are a perfect time to connect with your partner. 

We believe in doing fun activities in the destination you visit, but we also believe it is necessary to inform your travel companion a few hours earlier so they can get out of their daily routine and share the unforgettable experiences with you. 

But remember… These kinds of plans are not just for lovers! 

If you have a special affection for a friend, a family member… Why not have a candlelit dinner with them, a relaxing spa afternoon or contemplate a beautiful sunset together? 

To give you some ideas, in today’s post we will point out 7 romantic plans to enjoy in Tenerife. 

Surprise the people you care about with a few beautiful moments with love in the broadest sense of the word … Is in the air! ? 

Choose your romantic plan in Tenerife 

Marvel at the lovely sunsets on the island. 

A classic for lovers of romance: Stroll along the beach while a colourful and endless sunset accompanies you! ? 

Tenerife’s beaches are idyllic and the sunsets are memorable. We would recommend you to visit the following ones: 

– Los Cristianos and las Vistas. (Arona) 

– Troya Beach. (The Americas) 

– The Médano. (Granadilla of Abona) 

– Jardín Beach. (Puerto de la Cruz) 

– Duque Beach. (Adeje Coast) 

But we’re going to tell you a secret. The Baranda viewpoint, in the municipality of El Sauzal (located in the North) is our preferred location to see the beautiful sunset of the island. 

The sunsets where the sky is coloured orange, yellow and intense red on the green hillside that extends towards the coast with El Teide volcano in the background completing the picture is…really extraordinary! ? 

Qué hacer en Tenerife

See the sunrise at El Teide.  

And from the sunsets, we move on to dawn. How would you like to observe the first moments of daylight from the highest peak in Spain? (another romantic plan in Tenerife) 

The excursion to El Teide National Park, which has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO is a must in Tenerife. 

You will see a film set in the area thanks to the multitude of paths that run through the area. 

The most eye-catching and popular activity you can do is climb to the top of El Teide and if you spend the night at the top and you will see one of the most beautiful sunrises you have ever witnessed… You will win the heart of that special person who is accompanying you! Invite whomever you love to a couple of unique minutes. When the sun rises on the horizon you will experience… A truly magical moment! ?

Travel TipOn the Volcano Teide website you can book for both the ascent to the volcano’s viewpoint by cable car as well as lodging in the refuge and different excursions in the park. 

Qué hacer en Tenerife

Enjoy a few hours of relaxation in a fantastic Spa. 

Tenerife has a large number of centres and hotels that host excellent wellness areas. 

There is nothing better than “pampering yourself” in a spa where, in addition to following the different circuits they offer (with sauna, steam bath, jacuzzi…), you can book a massage for two people where you can relax together.

To disconnect in companionship is an experience that we will always recommend! 

 Travel Tip:: You can book the best Spas experiences by clicking here. 

Qué hacer en Tenerife

Stroll through the charming streets of La Laguna.  

Let’s imagine for a moment some colourful stone streets, lovely coloured houses with wooden doors and windows, an old colonial town with centuries of history that is also a World Heritage Site… Where does it look good? ?

Wellyou will find this and much more as you stroll through the streets of the city of La Laguna. 

Its coquettish open-air cafeterias are ideal to have a drink while you experience a quiet atmosphere located in the center of this population.

Parks, squares, shops…A word of adviceWalk around its corners at sunsetthe illuminated city… It has a lot of charm! 

Travel Tip: Another city that excites us and that we would recommend for a relaxing stroll is El Puerto de la Cruz, in the north of the Island. Don’t miss the opportunity to walk along the seafront while tasting a delicious handmade ice cream. 


Qué hacer en Tenerife

candlelit dinnerIs there anything more romantic? 

At least once in our lives we have the “obligation” to treat ourselves a romantic dinner. That fabulous moment where besides enjoying good company… You will be able to enjoy a delicious meal!

Tenerife hosts a multitude of great restaurants to spend a great gastronomic evening, but since we have named La Laguna above, we will suggest one of our favourites which is situated in this city: El Restaurante del Laguna Nivaria Hotel and Spa.

In it you will enjoy a marvellous signature cuisine by Chef Jonay Darias, which we are confident you will love… His elaborations are amazing! ? 

Remember that you can end the night by staying in the magnificent hotel rooms, a real romantic pack in Tenerife! what more could you ask for! 

Qué hacer en Tenerife

Discover nature in the Puerto de la Cruz Botanical Garden.  

Don’t forget the flowersThis romantic attraction is usually present on the most special occasions. 

For this reasonwe encourage you to visit one of the most famous gardens in the country. 

Founded in 1788, the Puerto de la Cruz Botanical Garden is home to an infinite number of tropical species from all over the world. As you walk along its paths you will find flora from all 5 continents. 

Don’t forget to take a photo together in front of the hundred-year-old trees that grow in this garden and which are more than 150 years old – as eternal as the love you feel for your companion! ? 

Qué hacer en Tenerife

Organize a picnic in one of the stunning landscapes that Tenerife has to offer 

Finally, we are offering you a romantic plan that has it all: It’s good, nice and cheap. Tenerife has countless fascinating places where you can have a pleasant picnic.

To make it “even more original”, we would recommend you to buy handmade products from the area such as mature cheese, honey, rustic bread, typical sweets from the island…

Put a small tableclothcutleryplates and glasses in your backpack and get ready to enjoy a special moment. 

To make the plan even more romantic in Tenerife, we are proposing the followingIf this is your last activity on the islandyou will have a precious souvenir for the rest of your life together! 

Travel Tip: Some of the most unique places to have your picnic are: The Barranco de Masca, Punta de Teno, the Monte de la Esperanza and the Parque Rural de Anaga. 

Qué hacer en Tenerife

Tenerife is a great destination to spend a dream vacation! 

Enjoy all the romantic moments you want in a superb settingContact us and we will organize your entire trip. 


As well as giving you advice on the different activities you can carry out on the island, we will offer you great discounts on flights, hotels, transportation, car hire and excursions!

For a more customized assistance, contact us by telephone by calling 922 15 12 51 or sending an email to ofertas@tubillete.com and we will respond all your queries.

Remember that at the end of this article, you have the option of sending us a message with your requests or queries and we will respond promptly.

Show your sweetest side in your next stay in Tenerife! ? 

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