Qué hacer en Nueva York
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Maybe it’s your first visit to New York, or maybe you’ve already visited the city that never sleeps before. In any case, you’re looking for what to do in New York other than the usual; because the Empire State and Central Park are great, but we always want something more, something that goes beyond the norm…

In this list we have gathered a good handful of curious and different things that will make your trip to New York a different experience.

For starters, there’s life beyond Manhattan! The city is made up of 5 boroughs (Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan) and they all have their charm. Come and discover them!

Qué hacer en Nueva York

Brooklyn: DUMBO and Prospect Park.

When people ask me what to do in New York that’s not the usual, I start by sending them to Prospect Park. But it’s true that it’s so big and there’s so much to do that you can spend a week there. It really seems like you’re not in the NY you were hoping to find…

So, to compensate, I send them to DUMBO, too. Nothing to do with the adorable little elephant. Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass is a former port area that has been transformed into a vibrant artistic territory. Along with Brooklyn Heights, the best and most eagerly awaited views of New York that we all have in mind.

Brooklyn: Coney Island.

It’s a classic that’s always curious. Besides, it’s one of those things to do in New York for free, so honey on flakes. The “New York Beach” (not an island for a long time) has been dedicated to leisure for more than a hundred years: spas, casinos and of course amusement parks…

After the Second World War it began its period of decadence; today, there lies its attractiveness, in its pint of fair of attractions coming to pass. Aquariums, summer cinemas, food stalls and, of course, waterwheels and roller coasters. There are also some rather strange people; another one of their charms.

Queens: Flushing Main Street.

Finding a Chinatown is not, in principle, one of the curious things to do in New York, because there are actually a lot of Chinatown. This case is something special. The metro station itself (the last stop on line 7) is in itself a real eye-catcher, artistically speaking. But outside…

Get ready, because it’s the busiest street in the whole country after Times Square. An anthill full of places to eat, shop, stroll and be astonished by the cultural diversity of the city. It’s one thing to be told and another very different thing to see and experience.

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Queens: Roosevelt Avenue and Terrace 7. 

This central artery in the north of the neighbourhood is a kind of moving postcard that perfectly represents the most real New York, the everyday one, the one that we have seen so much in cinema and literature and that we often look for without finding it in the middle of Manhattan.

Walking down the street is in itself a journey within the journey. But if, in addition to walking, you want to stop, have a drink and listen to good music, Terraza 7 can be an excellent option. Live performances practically every day, Latin atmosphere and a great menu. You’ll find it at Gleane St. (Elmhurst), near the 82 St. metro stop.

The Bronx: New York Botanical Garden.

The great New York Botanical Garden is much more than that. And not just because it’s a beautiful place. In addition to plants (and there are no less than 48 different gardens), you’ll find dozens of activities for all preferences: music, courses, exhibitions, guided tours, activities with children… You’ll be absolutely delighted.

A walk through this Victorian oasis with more than a century of history will allow you to find the last stronghold of virgin nature (seriously) in the area. It’s just north of the famous Zoo, at 2900 Southern Blvd. The closest access by public transport is the Bedford Park stop. It is open from 10 am to 6 pm except Mondays.

The Bronx: Arthur Avenue.

The authentic Italian mud of the Bronx, with all its juice. Haven’t you watched A History of the Bronx . Well, there you go. The place is known as Belmont and the closest access by public transport is Fordham.

It’s not Italy, it’s New York’s Italy. With its shops, restaurants, landscape, countryside and so on… Not like the ones you would find in Italy, but the ones generated by the emigrant community, an authentic Little Italy. A great option if you are wondering what to do in New York on any given afternoon.

Staten Island: Ferry.

It’s hard to decide what to do in New York, but on Staten Island (pronounced “estaten”, not “esteiten”!) it’s even harder. In this case, and in my opinion (there are colours for all preferences), because it is the most nondescript of all the New York districts: residential and conservative, the great unknown… with good reason.

In any case, it doesn’t stop having its charm: the ferry between Staten Island and Manhattan. For starters, it’s free. To embark on, it works constantly (services every half hour between Whitehall and St. George), so it’s easy to fit it into any schedule. And finally, it offers great views of southern Manhattan.

Manhattan: The Cloisters.

You’ve probably heard of them before, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting. At the beginning of the 20th century, several fragments of French abbeys were assembled and this Romanesque Frankestein was erected in the far north of the island. That’s why it’s The Cloisters, plural.

It’s in the heart of Fort Tryon Park (99 Margaret Corbin Drive, metro stop 191 St.) and belongs to the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art), so there’s no shortage of things to see and do. While you’re there, stop by the apse of the Segovia church of San Martín de Fuentidueña, which is also here.

Manhattan: High Line Park.

Manhattan: High Line Park.

We ended up high, never better said, with High Line Park. Do you see these elevated railroads so typical of black American films? Well, this one has become a park! In 2009 the neighbours saved it from demolition and turned it into a unique space dedicated to nature and art.

It is just over a couple of kilometres long (the last stretch was inaugurated in 2014), it has numerous accesses and a lot of local life. If you have some free time and you’ re on the West Side and don’t know what to do in New York, you can always come and see what’s going on here.

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