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Northern Spain is home to many interesting places to visit. Authentic “jewels” to be discovered that have been fascinating travelers for ages.

Idyllic landscapes, charming villages and cities as avant-garde and important as Bilbao, are just some of the most striking attractions of this area of the Iberian Peninsula.

How would you like to take a short two-day break to get to know a town where food and art are its most representative symbols?

A place where history and modernity go hand in hand and live together exemplarily.

Don’t give it another thought! The capital of Vizcaya awaits you! 😍

To help you prepare your trip, in today’s post we propose a list of 7 things to do in Bilbao in 2 days.

Are you going to miss it? 😉

Qué hacer en Bilbao

Get to know the works of art housed in the Guggenheim Museum

Don’t let them tell you! Discover first-hand the modern and contemporary artworks found in one of the world’s most famous museums.

We are now in front of the city’s main attraction: The Guggenheim Museum.

Its facade (work of the artist Frank O. Gehry) composed of titanium panels impresses to such an extent that it crowns it as the most photographed building in the city.

Opened to the public since 1997, on the museum’s website you will find all the necessary information regarding ticket prices and opening hours.

Traveling Tip: Don’t miss the sculpture of “Puppy”: The huge dried flower dog that is in the square in front of the museum.

Qué hacer en Bilbao

Taste the wonderful typical dishes of the area

Spain is a nation with gastronomy that is recognized and praised throughout the world. The north of the country is famous for its hearty and tasty dishes made with high-quality raw materials.

You can’t leave town without trying some of the most prized typical dishes:

  • Cod in pil-pil sauce
  • Eels a la bilbaina.
  • The rabas (squid).
  • Txampis (mushrooms).
  • Los canutillos de Bilbao (puff pastry and cream dessert)
  • The pintxos (skewers).

Traveling Tip: One of the most pleasant gastronomic experiences is to go out of “potes” (going from bar to bar) in the Casco Viejo to try the “pintxos”. There are all kinds of them, with cod, hake, mushrooms, cheese… They are presented on a piece of bread and pierced with a toothpick.

Choose the ones you like best and repeat as many times as you like!  🍽

Qué hacer en Bilbao

Take a walk through the historic center of Bilbao

Bilbao has a beautiful and picturesque historical center. Losing yourself while you’re walking will be a wonderful experience.

This area is known as “the 7 streets” because of the number of roads that formed the original medieval settlement.

Walk around the streets of Artekale, Tendería, Somera, Carnicera Vieja, Barrenkale, Belostikale, Barrenkale Barrena while enjoying a few hours of bustling and pleasant atmosphere that you will find there.

You don’t have to miss:

All these visits are strongly recommended! 👌

Qué hacer en Bilbao

Enjoy the best views os the city at de Artxanda viewpoint

From the Artxanda Viewpoint, you can see the Old Town, the Guggenheim Museum and the hills surrounding the city.

You can reach this space on foot, by car or with the funicular railway in the “Plaza del Funicular”, near the Zubizuri Bridge (designed by the famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava)

As well as enjoying the fantastic views, you can relax in the small park that houses the venue before returning to the city.

Qué hacer en Bilbao

Discover local products at the Mercado de la Ribera

Located south of Casco Viejo by the river, this impressive building will not leave you indifferent.

With 10,000 square meters, El Mercado de la Ribera (dating from 1929) holds the title of the largest covered market in Europe.

Take a few hours to walk around it quietly. You can buy fresh local products and also try the famous “pintxos” and great local cuisine.

Qué hacer en Bilbao

Come to the Basilica of Our Lady of Begoña

This beautiful basilica is situated on one of the hills surrounding the center of Bilbao. Its construction dates back to 1511 but was completed a century later.

It is characterized by a Renaissance façade with a spectacular arch at the entrance and a truly spectacular interior that houses the image most loved by the people of Bilbao: The Virgin of Begoña (known as “amatxo”, which means “mother” in Basque)

We can access the temple both by a few stairs (Escaleras de Mallona) and by taking a lift (both located at the “Casco Viejo” metro stop). Then we must continue walking for about 10 minutes until we reach the church.

Discover other places you should not miss in your visit to Bilbao

If you organize your route well, two days are good for many visits, so if you have free time, you can come and visit:

Qué hacer en Bilbao

Come and spend a different and unique holiday in Bilbao!

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