Que ver en Lisboa
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As Loquillo rightly said following Gabriel Sopeña, Lisbon is the step towards eternity.

It’s not that we’re going to get melancholic (although nothing beats Lisbon more), but it’s that the Portuguese capital is the perfect place to find those traces of everyday life that go unnoticed by most and are the best way to know and understand a culture.

And there are also monuments, yes. And other things. Of course, there are many things to see in Lisbon. Of course, there’s no time for everything, and you have to know how to choose. And it’s not easy in a constantly changing city.

So here’s a list of the seven essential places to see in Lisbon – enjoy it! 😃

Que ver en Lisboa

Monasterio de San Jerónimo en Lisboa. / Monastery of San Jerónimo in Lisbon

1.    Castle of San Jorge.

The fortress that dominates the city is the heart of Lisbon, and an eminent witness of its history, which permeates it. Located on the hill that gave rise to the city, its Islamic origins are not hidden under the Christian and Portuguese patina that covers it.

A surface of 6000 m2, a crenelated enclosure with twelve gates, a barbican and 18 towers of sustentation make it formidable. That is why it is at the top of any list that prides itself on what needs to be seen in Lisbon.

Que ver en Lisboa

El castillo de San Jorge en Lisboa. / The Castle of St. George in Lisbon.

2.      Alfama.

If you’re the type to see in Lisbon in two days… Well, Alfama. There are many charming neighborhoods, but Alfama is Alfama. The acropolis, the seafaring district, the red district, Alfama is everything. It’s Lisbon.

It is not because of the Sé (the cathedral) or the Feira da Ladra (closed on Monday); it is not because of the Roman theatre (today Lisbon Museum) or the Jewish quarter; nor because of the viewpoint of Santa Luzia or Parreirinha, one of the temples of fado. It’s… by Alfama.


Que ver en Lisboa

Las nostálgicas calles de Lisboa. / The nostalgic streets of Lisbon.

3.      Bairro Alto.

It is the tipical, original, romantic zone, where the students live, good to have a drink and a party at night… The Bairro Alto has many faces. The Luis de Camões Square and the garden of São Pedro de Alcântara articulate one of the most emblematic places of the city.

In Bairro Alto and its neighbor Chiado you can see some of the best urban art sets on the continent; and if you want to know what to see in Lisbon in three days and you have some time left over, take a jump to Mouraria.

TRAVELER TIP: It’s been opened recently and it’s worth it, especially if you like these things; in the heart of the neighborhood you’ll find the Portuguese Masonic Museum. We don’t give you any more clues, a little mystery always helps…


Funicular en el Bairro Alto de Lisboa

4.      A Baixa.

Between the Rossio and Comércio squares is the district that the famous earthquake of 1755 destroyed and that the illustrious Marquis of Pombal reconstructed as an example of the urbanism of the time. We’re in A Baixa.

Harmonious, quiet, full of small businesses and shops, it is a great place to spend the afternoon shopping if you wonder what to see in Lisbon in four days and you don’t feel like going up and down. Unless you want to ride the iconic Santa Justa elevator.

Que ver en Lisboa

Plaza Rossio Square en Lisboa. / Rossio Square in Lisbon

5.      Belem.

Apart from tasting the delicious cakes that bear this name, which cannot be missing, there is much more to see in Lisbon if you get a little closer to the mouth of the Tagus. It is the city’s gateway to the Atlantic, with the 25 April bridge as a backdrop.

Three in one. The Jerónimos Monastery is a delicious example of Manueline architecture (the Portuguese style par excellence); the Monument of Discoveries reminds us of the Portuguese explorer tradition; and the Tower of Belem is where everything makes sense.

Que ver en Lisboa

Torre de Belem en Lisboa. / Torre de Belem in Lisbon

6.      Sintra.

If you’re after something to see in Lisbon and surrounding areas to complete your visit, Sintra is the place you’re looking for. Old retreat of kings and aristocrats, with a touch of kitsch and a good dose of decadence among the exuberant vegetation. That’s great.

Sintra has three great attractions: the Castle of the Moors, the Convent of the Capuchins and, of course, the Palace of Pena, but there is much more. He won’t let you down, I’m sure.

Que ver en Lisboa

Palacio da Pena en Sintra. / Palace of Pena in Sintra.

7.      Pavilhão do Conhecimento.

Haven’t you had enough yet? Well, there is more: something to see in Lisbon with children and that never fails with children: the Pavilhão do Conhecimento. It is in the Parque de las Naciones, the old site of Expo 98 (Largo José Mariano Gago, 1).

It is dedicated to introducing the youngest children to the world of science in a practical and fun way through workshops, interactive activities, exhibitions… Something different to see in Lisbon without having to go too far and without boring your kids.

REMEMBER THAT: With children you always need a plan B. Well, we have it; luckily, the Lisbon Oceanarium is very close and is one of the best in Europe. Now, if this fails, I don’t know anymore…

Que ver en Lisboa

Edificios de la Expo 98 de Lisboa. / Buildings of Expo 98 of Lisbon.

With this list of essentials to see in Lisbon you won’t miss any of the great charms of the Portuguese capital!   😊

But the best of Lisbon is not in its monuments, but in that special something that permeates the streets of the city, discover it for yourself!

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It seems a lie to find such languid, serene, mysterious and humble places so close…!

Que ver en Lisboa

Panorámica de la ciudad de Lisboa. /Overview of the city of Lisbon.