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The islands of the Canarian Archipelago are very different one from the other. Each of them has its own unique and singular characteristics that define it.

These qualities conquer the traveler, making him always wanting to return to continue enjoying all that these extraordinary landscapes have to offer.

La Palma is known as “The Beautiful Island” for the captivating beauty of its landscapes. Fuerteventura boasts some of the best beaches in the world. Lanzarote is the cradle of volcanoes and impossible horizons.

Gran Canaria with its dunes transports us to another world. El Hierro is the last lost Eden of the islands. From La Graciosa, the transparency of its calm waters of the coast conquers the visitor. In Tenerife, we surrender to the majesty of the Teide…

What about La Gomera? What’s up with this little island that attracts visitors from half the world?

Well, that is… Magic!

The abrupt orography of its terrain with cliffs that seem to have no end and the beauty of its valleys, slopes and coasts, is both mysterious and fascinating. Join us in today’s post to know

6 magical enclaves to get lost in La Gomera.

You won’t be able to resist the enchantment of this remote and historic Atlantic island! It will captivate you!

Garajonay National Park.

If there is an extraordinary landscape in La Gomera, it is that of Garajonay National Park. Its thousand-year-old Laurisilva forest (of large trees and lianas with bay leaves), a relic of the Tertiary Age, is of such environmental importance that it has been proclaimed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve, along with the rest of the island.

A wide network of trails runs through it so that you can enjoy a truly amazing landscape with twisted trees that look like they were taken from a fairy tale.

Watch out because it’s such a special place that fairies and gnomes may have chosen it as their home! Everything is possible in this dream forest!

Qué ver en la Gomera

Gran Rey Valley.

This town is located in a beautiful valley where the white villages, the innumerable palm trees and the terraces form a postcard stamp.

Although, indisputably, the greatest attraction of this municipality are its beaches of very fine black sand and crystalline waters.

We emphasize the English Beach: A fantastic place where we will be able to make a pleasant rest while we delight ourselves watching the waves break against the imposing cliffs. We will see a great spectacle of nature!

Qué ver en la Gomera


The north of La Gomera has this beautiful locality located in a privileged place.

One of Hermigua’s characteristic features are its terraces dedicated to the cultivation, especially banana plantations, which extend towards the coast along the slopes of a beautiful ravine.

Outdoor activities are one of the greatest attractions of this area where we will also find forests, viewpoints, and a small group of houses that end at the beach of Santa Catalina.

But Hermigua is known internationally because, at the beginning of the last century, several foreign scientists came to the conclusion that this particular space has the best climate in the world.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see for yourself!?

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Half an hour’s drive from the island’s capital is the village of Agulo, known as ” the bonbon of La Gomera”.

Nestled in time, this charming village of cobbled streets and restored little houses will make us feel as if we were in a past time.

The coquettish Church of San Marcos with its white domes contrasts perfectly with the green of the valley and the red of the tiles of the houses forming an iconic picture of La Gomera.

Lose yourself in its streets and don’t forget to go to the Abrante Viewpoint (about 20 minutes by car). You will be able to contemplate this village “from the heights”… Literally!  Part of the structure of the viewpoint is suspended in the air.

Another incomparable experience that you can have in La Gomera!

Qué ver en la Gomera


As its name suggests (Beautiful Valley), this overwhelming valley of palm trees and green landscape simulates an authentic tropical oasis. Its beautiful historic center revolves around the Constitution Square. In it we will find, in its main streets, the characteristic traditional white houses of the island.

Vallehermoso is home to one of the most incredible places on the island, the Natural Monument of the Organs: A group of prisms in a column shape that arises from the slow cooling of volcanic materials.

This structure is visible only from the sea or the air, so we recommend you to take the boat trip that brings you to one of the great wonders that offers the Gomera.

A geological phenomenon without equal!

Qué ver en la Gomera

San Sebastian.

We have left for the end of the list the attractive capital of La Gomera: San Sebastian.

This quiet city full of history still preserves attractive houses of Canarian and Columbian style. Strolling through its streets and getting to know its most famous buildings such as the Count’s Tower (15th-century Castilian fortress) and the Church of the Assumption is a pleasure.

Remember that the main points of interest of this coquettish place are related to the journeys made by Christopher Columbus during the years of the discovery of America.

End the day by visiting the San Cristóbal Lighthouse to enjoy an unforgettable sunset on “The island of your dreams”. ?

Qué ver en la Gomera

La Gomera is an ideal “fable” destination to visit at any time of the year!

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It’s time to stop dreaming! Spend some unbeatable days of rest and adventure in an authentic island paradise! ??

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