Nueva York, viajera en la ciudad.
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Who said New York is expensive? Well, that’s absolutely true, but there are still a lot of things to do in New York for free. It’s just a question of where to look. And it’s easier than it seems.

If you want your next trip to New York to be more than just a park, a walk and sunshine, but it won’t cost you an arm and a leg, don’t forget to read the following guidelines in which we will provide you with a handful of ideas to enjoy the city that never sleeps for the price we all like best: free! 😉

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Puente de Brooklyn en Nueva York. / Brooklyn Bridge in New York.

Visit two great museums.

But are there free museums in New York? Of course, like everywhere else. Well, actually many are governed by the policy PWYC (pay what you can), that is, by the willingness to do so. And a significant number of them have special schedules or days in which entry is free, although of course, they are usually full.

We would like to suggest an infallible combo for you: the New York City Museum and the Barrio Museum. They are located next to each other (1220 and 1230 Fifth Avenue, respectively). The first (their website) focuses on the history of the city, and the second (their website) talks about their Latino communities.

You may have noticed that there is an entrance fee. Perhaps you haven’t noticed that it says “suggested”, not obligatory… There are many other cases like this in the city that never sleeps, this is by far the most complete, detailed and updated list you will find on the subject.

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Museo Americano de Historia Natural en Nueva York. / American Museum of Natural History in New York.

Tour the New York Cinema.

Lights, camera and… action! 🎥 Few cities will have more portraits than this one on the big screen; surely none. To tour New York is to visit the venues of some of your favorite movies over and over again.

Among the best things to do in New York for free is, looking for movie locations is without a doubt one of the best. Tiffany’s Diamond Breakfast Store, Ghost’s Soho, The Devil’s Seed Dakota Building

The list of locations is practically infinite, so we would recommend that you create your own list, get a MetroCard  and focus on rediscovering your favourite cinematic scenes.

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Vista del Empire State en Nueva York. / View of the Empire State Building in New York.


Attend a gospel service.

When a friend asks me how he or she can attend a free gospel mass in New York, I always tell them the same thing: It is impossible to attend a “gospel mass”, because the “mass” is reserved for the Catholic liturgy; a service (Baptist or Methodist), which is what it is really called… well, in any church in the field.

This is a fussy plan. I understand that what you want to see is a gospel choir. Well, the standard recommendations would be:

  • In Harlem, Mother Zion (140-148 West 137th Street), which is the oldest black church in the city and mother of the AME ( African Methodist Episcopal ) Zion conference.
  • Also in Harlem, Abyssinian Baptist Church (420 West 145th Street), where you will certainly find more tourists than worshippers.
  • In Brooklyn, the non-denominational Brooklyn Tabernacle, with an impressive and multi-award winning choir in a so-called megachurch. The most… American way.

In the same vein, we would recommend looking for a normal church to enjoy a more real experience.

REMEMBER THAT: We are talking about a religious ceremony. Dress appropriately, show due respect (by not leaving the service ahead of time, for example) and make a donation.

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Coro Gospel en Nueva York. / Gospel choir in New York.

Go up to The Vessel.

Hudson Yards is a new and flamboyant neighborhood that is emerging like a mushroom in the heart of Manhattan, on the Far West Side, or Hell’s Kitchen, or Clinton (those things that happen in New York). It’s a highly valued area and already has great attractions.

One of them is The Vessel, something like the flagship of the project. It’s an avant-garde inverted truncated cone structure that resembles a honeycomb. In reality, a staircase with 154 different sections that intersect, offering different options and perspectives.

It’s a perfect idea of what to do for free in New York because it’s also next to High Line, a cheerful elevated linear part that runs along Manhattan’s southwestern coast, full of activities (and people).

OUR ADVICE: Since The Vessel is something quite new, it’s in high demand; you can buy tickets online or take a chance and stand there at 9.30am, see if there are still any unsold tickets. If you visit during the week, it’ s better.

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The Vessel en Nueva York. / The Vessel in New York.

Tasting wine (and sake!) next to Union Square.

Don’t you fancy tasting the world’s finest wines and delving into the subtle nuances of Japanese sake? The Union Square Wine & Spirits specialty store organizes free wine and sake tastings at their store on Saturdays from 2 to 5 p.m. Cheers to them!

Here you can find out more about it, but there’s little more to be said, apart from the fact that participating in the tastings also gives you attractive discounts to buy in this impressive store, with a well stocked winery.

Since we are talking about food, this can be the perfect prelude before eating a good hamburger and having a gastronomic hearty day.

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Union Square en Nueva York. / Union Square in New York.

Now that we’ve explained what to do in New York for free, you may probably have a lot of specific questions. Contact us or leave a comment below and we will do our best to answer them.

But if you want us to help you organize your trip and take care of everything related to flights, accommodation, travel or visits, it would be best to call us on 922 15 12 51 or send us an email to We are specialists in the field.