Fiestas en Londres
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Parties are one of the most fun ways to know the culture and people of the place we travel to. As you can imagine, London parties are no exception. But there are parties and parties. Let’s go by parts. 

If you want to know more about London New Year’s Eve parties, get ready to skate on the ice, watch the London Eye fireworks (free or for a fee) or join a Sarao like this. 

And if you’re looking for university parties in London... well, here or here you can find out more. With 15 universities and some 600,000 students, there are good parties in the city, as it is to expect 

But these feasts are similar in all parts of the wide world. Watch out, we have nothing against it, on the contrary. But that’s not the point today. 

We, who always want to tell you special things (like this article about 7 places to see in alternative London), are going to talk to you about our selection of typical London parties, the ones that are worth it, first of all, because you won’t see them in other places. 

Fiestas en Londres

Parties in the pubs of London.

Chelsea Flower Show. 

We couldn’t leave out of the selected one of the many parties related to gardening that are so popular on the other side of the Canal. 

We chose Chelsea Flower Show because it’s so glamorous and British and because it’s one of the most traditional parties in London. It began in 1913 and today includes 28 gardens and hundreds of exhibitors from all over the world. The Queen goes there! 

Watch out, this is very English. And when we say English, we mean it’s a very particular kind of fun. And not in the Monty Python style, precisely. It consists of seeing different garden designs, admiring plants, acquiring related articles, attending didactic exhibitions… 

The Show is organised by the Royal Horticultural Society and is held at the Royal Hospital of Chelsea (London Gate, SW3 4SR) at the end of May. If you see you’ve got the urge and you’re fast, you still have time to go to this one in Hampton Court, Surrey. 

Fiestas en Londres

Chelsea Flower Show in London



Notting Hill Carnival. 

The Notting Hill Carnival is the perfect example of the English melting pot. It’s a London party on all four sides. 

It was 1966 when a few English hippies joined a few other Caribbean immigrants to celebrate one of the Antilles’ festivities par excellence: carnival. From its rather turbulent origins, it has become a colourful festival, where music, food and fun are the protagonists. 

Watch out, it gathers around a million people. Among London’s festivities, it is undoubtedly the most crowded. This is where Trinitense steel bands, Jamaican sound systems, Brazilian blocs and more bands from all the Antillean islands of the world come together. 

The best thing is that there is room for everyone, be it in the parades, at the foot of the stages or in front of the food stalls. The carnival is the last week of August, but if you want to attend, go ahead and prepare accommodation… 

YOU CAN’T LOSE: If you’re into multiculti festivals, the Boishaki Mela (Bengali New Year) is another unmissable event.

Fiestas en Londres

Notting Hill Carnival in London.

Guy Fawkes Night. 

Do you like guesses (that “What if…?” thing)? Well, what would have happened if the 1605 attack on King James I had been successful? The only sure thing is that we would have one less party to celebrate in London: the Guy Fawkes Night. 

It turns out that that year, a group of English Catholics attempted to kill him by blowing up the Parliament in the middle of a royal visit. The point is, they caught good Guy guarding a pile of gunpowder in the basements. Condemned to death, the man jumped (or fell) from the scaffold and broke his neck before being executed. 

Fun anecdotes aside, orders were given to celebrate the king’s good fortune throughout the kingdom, and his subjects did not come up with a better way, apart from fireworks, than to burn Guy’s friend in effigy. For centuries,  it was a good way to show adhesion to the crown and aversion to the Pope. 

So every night on November 5, bonfires are lit all over the country to burn monigotes. Children used to ask for a bonus, although it is being lost, and every day it is more associated with Halloween. Of all the parties in London, this is probably the most idiosyncratic of the English character. 

REMEMBER THAT: Until relatively recently, the Guy Fawkes Night was an anti-Catholic party, but today the guy is known to inspire the famous V of the Vendetta mask. 

Fiestas en Londres

Guy Fawkes Night in London.

What do you think about these three parties in London, would you like to attend? Don’t forget to tell us in the comments you can write at the end of this article! 

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Chelsea Flower Show

Dont miss the London parties

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