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In the Canary Islands, we find a multitude of incredible places full of magic and mysticism.

Unique enclaves essential to know because of its great historical and geographical importance.

Luckily for visitors, the list is very extensive, making your trip to the Archipelago an adventure.

On this occasion, we want to name one of the most relevant symbols of the Canarian Autonomous Community.

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2007, The Teide National Park is also among those considered as the 12 Treasures of Spain.

Do you want to know why?

Well, get ready to visit the highest volcano in the country thanks to our list of:

3 unforgettable experiences to try in the Teide National Park .

Join us! We are going to “touch the sky”!😀


The Teide National Park is located on the island of Tenerife. Being the largest and oldest of the national parks of the Canary Islands, it has different attractions for tourists who are surprised to visit an other-worldly landscape.

The scene of many well-known films, its volcano, the Teide, is 3,718 meters, the highest peak in Spain and the third largest in the world from its base in the ocean floor, only surpassed by two other volcanoes located in Hawaii.

Holding the title of being the most visited National Park in Europe, it is not surprising that its beauty has crossed borders and has a recognized international reputation.

With a rich historical value, this place had an important spiritual significance for the Guanches (aborigines of Tenerife) who call the volcano “Echeyde”.

An environment full of legends that you are yet to discover!🌋

Qué hacer en el Teide.



A network of well-marked trails crosses its almost 190 square kilometers. You will walk through a geological landscape without equal.

Hundreds of lava flows, cones and caves are presented to the visitor along with an unusual and striking flora and fauna characteristic of the park.

Among the plants that we can find include Violets, Margaritas, Las Retamas and El Alhelí del Teide, Rosalillo de Cumbre, El Cedro and Pino Canario …

Its curious endemic flora is studied by prestigious scientists. What stands out, by its own merits, is the beautiful red Tajinaste. A really spectacular plant! 😍

Que ver en el Teide.

As for the fauna, you’ll be surprised by a variety of endemic reptiles, and a large number of birds, among which the blue finch of the Teide or the wild canary.

The only native mammals of the Teide are some varieties of bats, such as the canary orejudo or the small noctuum.

However, invertebrates are the main protagonists, with more than 1,400 species.

This enclave is a spectacle for the sight where the colors and shapes of the rocks will amaze you. Among the most important formations we find: Los Roques de García, Roque Cinchado, La Catedral and La Cascada.

There are well-marked and marked paths suitable for all ages with more or less difficulty and length, so everyone can come and enjoy a great day of walking.

In some of them you can be accompanied by official guides, being necessary to hire such service both in the National Park Office (from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.), as in the visitor centers located in the area of Portillo and in Cañada Blanca .

Traveler tip:   Due to the nature of the ground, you should be  well equipped with suitable mountain shoes, as well as sunscreen (solar radiation is very strong in this area), sunglasses, hat, lots of  water and energy foods such as fruit or nuts, clothing of coat and raincoat.

Sometimes it snows in the park so you have to prepare for the occasion if you are going to make a snowy trail.

Very important!   Remember that you cannot take any kind of stone from the National Park. It is forbidden because it has a serious negative impact on the landscape.


One of the most impressive experiences you can do in the park is to climb to the top of Teide in cableway.

While you are traveling to the heights in approximately 8 minutes, the views that will be shown before you will be unmatched. When it finishes its route in one of the high parts of the volcano you have four options:

  • Stay in the viewpoint of the Rambleta 3,555 meters high and delight in the natural phenomenon known as “the sea of ​​clouds.”
  • Carry out one of the two paths for free access of names “Pico Viejo” and “Fortaleza” .
  • If you have gone up at sunset with the cable car, you can enjoy, from the path to the   Old Pico lookout   of the wonderful sunsets over the Atlantic.
  • From the lookout point, continue climbing on foot to the Altavista Refuge to spend the night and then, at dawn, continue the ascent by the Telesforo Bravo Trail to the summit in the crater to see the beautiful sunrise that can only be seen in this place, where, if the day is clear, you can see up to 4 of the islands that make up the archipelago: Gran Canaria, La Palma, El Hierro and Gomera.

Parque Nacional del Teide

It takes about 40 minutes to reach the top and the difficulty is medium-high, so you have to be in a good physical condition to take on the climb.

To be able to stay at the refuge you must book your place in advance (1 or 2 months before depending on the season) as it has a limited space per night.

When staying in the refuge it is not necessary to request the special and free permission that is necessary to visit the crater since, being a national park, access is restricted. Of course, you must leave the path before 9 in the morning.

If you do not stay to sleep on the volcano and you wish to visit the peak during the day, you must request such permission in the National Park website.

The company Volcano Teide Experience offers the possibility of reserving both a ticket to take the cable car and the opportunity to stay in the refuge, as well as having interesting excursions that combine the cable car ride with tours and guided tours through several trails of the National Park.

Traveler tip:  Jjust before dawn you walk towards the highest Teide, it will seem that the stars in the sky are very close to you. Sure you will see shooting stars that will accompany you along the way.

It is a very special feeling that cannot be described with words. You have to see it with your own eyes! 🌟

Cielo Teide


The Teide National Park hosts some first-class scientific facilities belonging to the Instituto Astrofísico de Canarias (IAC) for the study of space.

Thanks to the almost continuous clear sky that each night accompanies the astrophysicists in their work, this place gathers unbeatable conditions for the observation of stars, planets and galaxies, being considered for this reason as one of the best skies in the world for such research.

That’s why El Teide and the peaks of Tenerife has international certification Starlight destination: An accreditation that designates it as a privileged place internationally for the observation of the universe.

Its facilities can be visited both in the morning and in the afternoon. These tours are accompanied by Spanish, English and German guides who show us the interior of the building.

Cielo de Canarias

During the day we can observe the sun with special portable telescopes and at night … We have to count stars!

The visit to the Astrophysicist cannot be done at night, but there is the possibility of hiring Alternative excursions that include the afternoon visit to the enclosure, combined with an observation at night of the space in different points of the National Park.

With your celestial map you will learn to identify the constellations, the satellites, the nebulas …

You can book both the interior visit to the observatory, and guided tours through various strategic points of the National Park for the observation of the stars with long-range telescopes with Volcano TeideExperience .

The perfect gift to spend a pleasant day with your friends and family! Sure you will surprise them!

Senderismo el Teide

Live the best traveling experiences in El Teide National Park!

Do not miss the opportunity to get to know a “movie” place on an island full of charm that will captivate you as soon as you arrive.

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