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¡10 things to do in London with children!

One of the favorite destinations for tourists from all over the world is the city of London.

Is it because of its famous and iconic Big Ben, its picturesque red phone booths, its striking double-decker buses or its exciting and fantastic history?

Actually, it is one of the most visited enclaves thanks to the sum of all these things… And many more, which make it always in the top ten of the list of trips we want to make.

As we love family holidays, in today’s post we are going to show you 10 activities to do in London with children.

Unforgettable experiences where young and old will spend it as never before in a few wonderful days off in the well-known British capital.

Pack your suitcases, and we’ll run the city of elegant black taxis! 💼🙋

Londres con niños.


  • Walk through the lung of the city: Hyde Park.

This huge royal park of great beauty is ideal for spending a pleasant time enjoying the different fountains, gardens, statues and children’s areas such as the Princess Diana Memorial Playground (with a huge wooden pirate ship surrounded by sand) that houses.

We will also find a lake (El Serpentine) where we can take a rowing boat or with pedals to navigate along with ducks and swans near different areas set aside for skating and cycling.

And let’s not forget the playful squirrels that will pull more than one smile from the little ones in the house!

We’ll let you know in advance… It’s impossible to leave this shop without buying something!

How are you going to resist children’s requests for 6 levels full of toys?

Visiting the world’s oldest toy store (dating back to 1760) is an attraction in London.

We don’t know if you’ll really get this activity for free 😂… But playing like children for a few hours is worth it! 😉

With a façade and interior that look like they were taken from one of the Harry Potter films, we strongly recommend visiting this wonderful museum.

We will be able to admire a collection of more than 70 million specimens and objects related to the natural world. Its exhibition of fossil skeletons of prehistoric animals and recreations of life-size animals such as the great Blue Whale, will leave the children… Hallucinated!

Londres con niños.

Very close to this building, just a minute’s walk away, we find the Science Museum (also free). An interactive space where technology, industry and space travel come to life to give us the best and funniest kind of history we can have.

Travel Tip: If you are passionate about trains and vintage cars, don’t miss the Museum of Transport. You’ll find all kinds of vehicles, like London’s oldest bus… Pulled by horses! The entrance is not free.

Dressed like real tin soldiers with their big black caps and red jackets, the change of guard in front of Buckingham Palace is something you can’t miss on your visit to London with children.

In the morning, for 45 minutes, a parade of soldiers both on foot and on horseback accompanied by a military band perform a solemn ceremony to relieve the royal guard.

Traveler Tip: Check the calendar of the event as during the winter it is not done daily. It is very important to go soon to take a good place in front of the palace and thus be able to see the parade better as they usually bring hundreds of people to the area every day.

Londres con niños.


Here is a list of experiences to do in the city of London that involve an extra cost:

With 135 meters high, from the highest Ferris wheel in Europe you will have an exceptional view of the most emblematic monuments of London such as the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace 8, the Tower of London ...

Climb into their glass capsules both day and night and you’ll enjoy the magic of the city in duplicate!

Londres con niños.

Armor and swords, royal treasures, medieval furniture… The visit to the Tower of London is a MUST that you have to do or do.

The collection of crown jewels is truly impressive as is the entire architectural ensemble where it is located.

Tell the children that the crows are a few more residents of the tower, due to the ancient legend that says that if these animals disappear, the building would collapse and with it, the whole kingdom of England.

It is for this reason that the guards feed them and take care of them, this activity having great relevance within the walls of the fortress.

Londres con niños.

  • Play with the children to be the kings of Windsor Castle.

    This is the star excursion for everyone who visits London.

    You can visit an authentic castle (the oldest in the inhabited world) and admire its rooms, the weapons rooms, the huge courtyard guarded by royal guards, the large moat that protects the building and as a bonus, visit the charming medieval village of Windsor annexed to it.

    Located in a privileged environment surrounded by huge gardens, once you know it you will understand why it is the favorite residence of the Queen of England. 😍

  • Meet the home of the most famous English detective of all time: Sherlock Holmes.

Wouldn’t you like to take a picture of yourself (with his hat and magnifying glass) sitting in front of the fireplace in Sherlock Holmes’ living room? 🔍

Well, it’s possible if you visit his house-museum in central London.

The novelist Sir Arthur Conan Doyle placed in his novel the residence of the fictitious detective, his companion Doctor Watson and his housekeeper Miss Hudson, in this Victorian style building of 3 floors.

The rooms are full of more than 100 years old objects that make direct reference to the intrigues and adventures of the protagonist.

So you can see his office, the bedroom, the living room, his belongings… And a series of wax figures representing the characters of the most famous cases in which Sherlock Holmes participated.

Londres con niños.

Harry Potter movies are passionate about big and small. At Warner Bros Studios in London you can take a complete tour of the authentic stages where all the sequels of the saga were shot.

You will see the large dining room, Dumbledore’s office, the Nimbus 200 broom, Hagrid’s flying motorbike, the boys’ bedroom, the potions room… all accompanied by special effects and animotronic that will make this activity an unforgettable experience.

Don’t forget, after riding the Hogwarts Express… Pick up your magician’s diploma!

Londres con niños.

  • See the city from the water reserving a pleasant boat ride on the River Thames

Children will love to see the city’s best-known buildings as they navigate the river.

You have several options to contract this tour: with or without food and audio guide, in the morning or in the afternoon…

It’s the perfect plan to end our visit to London. You can’t miss it! 😀🚢

Londres con niños.

If you have a lot of time, come to:

Travel Tip: Don’t forget that the best way to tour the city is to take the representative red double-decker tourist bus. You can easily and comfortably reach the main tourist points on the route of your choice.

Now that you know all the incredible activities you can do in London… You have no excuse not to schedule a fun family vacation!

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We will schedule your itinerary in detail and book the excursions you want saving you time and money.

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Stop imagining it and make your dream trip to London a reality!

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We list you a complete activity guide so you can enjoy fantastic days off with the kids.